SEO Trends for 2018
How to SEO your website

SEO Trends for 2018

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SEO Trends for 2018

Taking a closer look at the SEO trends for 2018, one would discover that even though most brands continuously work on optimising their Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), it seems as if the ever-changing requirements of SEO is always out of reach. From algorithm updates to new technologies, the moment you adhere to the current requirements it seems as though a new update is published and the requirements change. Despite these challenges, SEO is here to stay to stay abreast of developments.

A step ahead with SEO

Below follows a few key trends we think will have the biggest influence on your website:

People use more than text when searching nowadays
We’ve seen that our online interactions are becoming a lot more visual than before. With technology giving us access to faster Internet speeds, finding, viewing and interacting with video and images are definitely growing in popularity. This is likely to lead search engines to treat videos and images with more importance when it comes to SEO.

Keeping user-experience at the forefront
Today’s consumer has more expectations from companies in terms of businesses delivering an excellent online experience. It doesn’t just count for mobile applications or websites, but also for online searches.

Studies have shown that faster loading times can decrease your bounce rate and might even increase your conversion rates. This means that something as simple as your website loading time can cost you potential customers. From an SEO perspective, loading times and good website usability may also help to increase your website’s SEO.

Google’s previous algorithm updates placed a big emphasis on mobile usability for good SEO rankings. By further optimising your website for mobile and carefully considering user experience could be an effective way to increase your SEO in 2018.

Revel in relevance
When it comes to getting great SEO results, it’s crucial to show search engines that your content is relevant to the searcher. Google assesses the content by looking at the millions of pages out there and the terms used in them. Google then learns which terms are related and builds expectations for the terms that are likely to appear in a given context. This helps Google decide whether a piece of content is ‘comprehensive’.

Content is still king
While it might seem like nothing has changed regarding content, it’s still very relevant for a valid reason. Even though Google’s algorithms constantly keep changing and improving, Google still always looks at the content quality for SEO purposes.

In 2018, the quality demanded for content might increase even more as the algorithms are continually learning. Therefore, it’s imperative that your online content should constantly aim to offer the best about the topic at hand.

SEO success is a click away

Whether you are an SEO savant or a newbie to optimising your online presence, Eazi-Web can take your business to the next level.

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