SEO and Website Rankings
What is Search Engine Optimisation SEO?

SEO and Website Rankings

SEO is required is you want natural rankings, these are the first ten results Google displays below the ads, also known as SERP’s.

There are two areas, on-page and off-page. On-page refers to the website pages themselves and has to do with tags, descriptions, keywords, semantically related words and internal linking of the website. All of this as a unit works together as on-page optimisation. Each page has it’s own optimisation based on the keyword it has to rank for.

Please take note, a website does not rank, pages of a website are seen as individual units and rand for the keyword they are optimised for.

Off-page optimisation is what is done externally. These include link building from other websites, social signals, bookmarks, Web 2.0 links and so on. These links built to your website from other quality websites improves your Domain Authority and Page Authority. There are more indicators but these two carry the most weight.

These links to your site have to be built over time for long lasting results. Doing it too quickly leads to endless problems.

SEO is an ongoing process, it does not have an end point. If you get page one positions there is always someone else who also wants that position, you have to keep working at it to retain your position.

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